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Go Jackson Doll
(12 min)

A mother’s mental strength is tested when she enrolls her son with autism in an ice skating program.

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I Don’t Care
(14 min)

Ollie, a young mother-to-be, faces the possibility of having a child with Down’s syndrome.

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I Love Grilled Cheese
(4 min)

Libby provides some insight about the joys of living with her best friend, and big brother, Max, who has Down syndrome.

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Jacob’s Turn
(8 min)

An inspirational short documentary about a boy with Down syndrome and his love of baseball.

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(2 min)

Two kids on a merry-go-round, one is “normal”, the other has Down syndrome.

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Karla & Nordahl
(19 min)

Karla has the sweetest big brother she could hope for. Nordahl loves cuddles and he’s a fun playmate. He also needs lots of care.

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Lou Je M’Appelle Lou
(5 min)

Lou, a boy with a developmental disability, sings and plays the piano, as he tells of his life, his enjoyments and difficulties.

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Me and My Brother
(4 min)

Zach is simply asking the world to listen and to see his little brother, Cam, for ‘who he is’ and not just by ‘how he is’.

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(2½ min)

A hand-drawn animation exploring a mother’s natural concerns for her son Joel and his transition into adulthood.

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For the Love of Dogs
(25 min)

An inspiring, heart-warming story about Cory: a brilliant and talented 11 year-old boy with autism with a passion for dogs.

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