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Care Providers

Heart Over Body
(10 min)

Zack Childers is an athlete with cerebral palsy. He was told at a young age by doctors that he would never walk without a walker.

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Higher Ground
(48 min)

A look into the dedication of direct support professionals during and after hurricane Katrina. For months they put others before themselves.

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Ingrid’s Big Jump
(10 min)

Ingrid’s big goal is to hang glide. Her journey to the edge of the precipice took hard work, perseverance and character – the latter she has in spades.

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Is Love Enough?
(45 min)

This film takes a rare look at the controversial subject of parents with intellectual disabilities and their children.

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(73 min)

Free follows the path to freedom of people with intellectual disabilities that are locked away in Croatian institutions.

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Okay, Let’s Talk About Me
(26 min)

Meet Eddie. He’s a seventeen-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome. He’s stubborn and charming, funny and sometimes temperamental.

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Our House
(83 min)

Laura, Tim W., and Tim S. were born with developmental disabilities and are now living outside an institution for the first time.

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Finding Fred
(10 min)

We see the development of love, admiration and enormous devotion between two brothers once separated by the Willowbrook State School.

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(9½ min)

Kira, a bright and stylish young woman living with Down syndrome, compares herself to social media influencer, Chantal.

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Fair Play
(56 min)

Actors with learning disabilities rehearse an acclaimed play by Claire Luckham, “The Choice”, a play about abortion.

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