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Brain Injury

Martin the Ghost
(25 min)

Martin is severely brain damaged due to a car accident, and can no longer move or speak. Martin used to live life in the fast lane.

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Corey the Warrior
(3 min)

Corey shines as he tells the story of his new life as an artist living with a brain injury.

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Broken Lines
(35 min)

A unique insight of a bright young man, who surprisingly survived his near fatal accident and is able to tell his story with brutal honesty.

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(45 min)

The story of the conflicted relationship between two men coping with the consequences of severe brain injury.

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(5 min)

A story about Kevin, a man with mental illness resulting from brain injury. His short term memory causes confusion and anxiety.

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A Good Life, Too
(4 min)

When he was a toddler, Alonzo suffered a brain injury. It forever changed the way he interprets the world around him.

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