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A Sproutflix playlist is a collection of films that you select from the Sproutflix catalogue of over 280 films to be played automatically one after the other.

Sproutflix playlists are an excellent addition to any curriculum, training program or special event. Select a group of films to align with your interests or coursework and engage your audience with an inspired online film resource. Sproutflix playlists are a dynamic way to educate, enlighten, spark discussion and invigorate your clientele.

For a quick example of how a playlist will function:  click here.

  • You select the films and the time period you want the playlist to be active for –  this will determine the cost. See chart below for related prices. 
  • The Sproutflix staff is available to assist you with choosing the films to meet your needs. We will send you a watermarked playlist consisting of films we suggest – the ‘suggested films’ playlist would be available for 3 days.
  • After your film selections are made we will send you an invoice. Once payment is received your playlist will be scheduled for the agreed period of time.
  • The custom designed playlist will be in an online, shareable, user-friendly format with or without a login required. The playlist will only be available to the people you share the link with.

Thank you for your time and interest.

Questions? Please contact:

Anthony Di Salvo

Founder & Executive Director    anthony@sproutflix.org

or phone 212-222-9575

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