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33 Giri
(13 min)

A man with Down syndrome dreams of reviving his dead mother. An expressive story, driven by visual poetry, not by dialogue.

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A Dose For Dominic
(7 min)

After struggling with many treatment options, a family decides to give their son medical cannabis to lessen the effects of his severe autism.

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Go Jackson Doll
(12 min)

A mother’s mental strength is tested when she enrolls her son with autism in an ice skating program.

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For the Love of Dogs
(25 min)

An inspiring, heart-warming story about Cory: a brilliant and talented 11 year-old boy with autism with a passion for dogs.

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(3½ min)

For a boy who feels raindrops are as uncomfortable as bullets and puddles as dangerous as whirlpools, how can being submerged in a pool be relaxing?

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Heart Eyes
(6½ min)

A high school student with Down syndrome pursues her crush in hopes of securing a date for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

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Here With Me
(4½ min)

A family with a daughter with severe autism sells everything and goes to live deep in the jungles of Trinidad to make their daughter happy.

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Hold My Hand
(17 min)

Explore the significance of difference and equality in the life of Eliza, a 20 year old woman living with Down syndrome.

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Humans of San Jose
(3 min)

A personal mini-documentary on the thoughts of the filmmaker’s brother Wataru Kubo, who has autism.

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I Love Grilled Cheese
(4 min)

Libby provides some insight about the joys of living with her best friend, and big brother, Max, who has Down syndrome.

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