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Happiest Day
(5 min)

The film follows a bride and groom’s various journeys on the morning of their wedding, with an expected twist.

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Heart Eyes
(6½ min)

A high school student with Down syndrome pursues her crush in hopes of securing a date for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

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Heartbreak & Beauty
(14 min)

A short, experimental film depicting 12 different perspectives on universal, human emotions – all revolving around ‘love’.

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How Do I Know?
(1½ min)

A poem by Mark VanSlyke and recited/performed by Gina Watson two people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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I’m a Ghost
(30 min)

During an emotional time in his life Jimmy is enrolled at a boarding school. While there he gets a crush on a waitress and meets a ghost.

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In Your Dreams Boy
(17½ min)

Bobby and his brother Luke are looking for love… A comic look at the perils of dating with and without an intellectual disability.

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Is Love Enough?
(45 min)

This film takes a rare look at the controversial subject of parents with intellectual disabilities and their children.

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King of Camp
(41 min)

A tale about Viru, a self-proclaimed music buff, and how he survived his first day at summer camp. A Sproutflix Production.

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Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown
(46 min)

A realistic and loving portrait of Marni and Kris, who were married in 1993 and live in NYC.

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Love and Independence in East Providence
(10 min)

Lori and Peter are showing how people with intellectual disabilities can live, work and thrive in a community.

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