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Mise En Place
(5 1/2 min)

Charlie works as a dishwasher in one of Sydney’s most high end restaurants, where one of her coworkers regularly ridicules and belittles her.

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(2 1/2 min)

‘Emergency” is the 2024 music video release from one of Australia’s most unique rock acts. .

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Becoming Howard
(22 1/2 min)

Meet Howard, a 55-year-old man with autism, as he travels home to the rural Midwest to confront his traumatic past at a high school reunion.

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(18 min)

Simone is 24 years old. He has a permanent job and an overwhelming desire to leave his mark in life.

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In the Garden of Sounds
(86 min)

The extraordinary story a blind musician and soundscape artist who works with children with disabilities, helping them to find their place in a world not made for them.

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Hold On To Me
(17 ½ min)

Filippo did not expect to have to spend the day with Alice, a charming young girl he meets on a train.

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(9 ½ min)

A family film about a waitress who notices that one of her customers is extremely upset and goes out of her way to try and make the customer feel better.

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Our Island
(15 min)

While on an uninhabited island Shanna (11) realizes that she is outgrowing her older sister Mirte (14) who has Down syndrome.

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Little Fire
(15 min)

Join Noëll and Gerrit on a transformative road trip where they discover freedom, trust, and their true selves.

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Drona & me
(19 min)

A touching portrait of Drona, a Hindu boy on the autism spectrum, as seen through the eyes of Arjun, his elder brother.

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