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Acting Normal
(35 min)

If acting wasn’t a hard enough job to land, throw in being disabled and see what reaction you’d get.

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A Still Jacket
(74 min)

Roman doesn’t speak – not a word in twenty-six years. But the joy he takes in filming and being filmed is one expression of his life with autism.

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(3½ min)

Jason is on the autism spectrum, but this doesn’t stop him from enjoying a busy and active life in his home state of Iowa.

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La Tinaia
(5 min)

Meet the artists of La Tinaia, a center for expressive activities located in Florence, Italy.

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Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown
(46 min)

A realistic yet loving portrait of people with developmental disabilities. Marni and Kris, married in 1993, live and work in NYC.

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Love and Independence in East Providence
(10 min)

Lori knew Peter was her soulmate, and now they’re showing how people with intellectual disabilities can live, work and thrive in a community.

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(3 min)

Mark is a film that will question our tendency to rush through life, while we ignore beauty and fulfillment in the many instances that pass us by.

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Mr. Twister
(5 min)

Brian Tolley is a teenager with autism who indulges his imagination by creating characters, sculptures, and creatures from twist-ties.

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Okay, Let’s Talk About Me
(26 min)

Meet Eddie. He’s a seventeen-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome. He’s stubborn and charming, funny and sometimes temperamental.

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(9½ min)

Kira, a bright and stylish young woman living with Down syndrome, compares herself to social media influencer, Chantal.

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