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Established in 2009, Sproutflix curates the world’s most comprehensive selection of films celebrating the lives and stories of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our collection, which includes over 290 titles, is a testament to the depth and diversity of these individuals’ experiences. 

We are dedicated to fostering authentic representation, dismantling misconceptions, and championing the beauty of diversity through cinema. At Sproutflix, we are united by the belief that film is a powerful catalyst for inspiration, education, and transformation.



All the films in the Sproutflix catalogue are available for rental and download. The costs are noted on the film’s details page.  For rentals the video file will remain on the platform. For download purchases the actual video file will be sent to you.
DVDs can be purchased for select films.


Ignite conversations and engage your audience with custom-designed Sproutflix playlists. Simply select your desired films and the duration of access to calculate the cost. We’ll craft a personalized, shareable playlist that delivers a seamless viewing experience, perfect for sparking meaningful discussions in any setting.


Sproutflix subscriptions offer unlimited access to our entire film library. Opt for a monthly ($100) or yearly ($999) plan to explore the full range of films. For a more focused experience, we provide monthly ($65) and annual ($600) subscriptions tailored to specific themes: Autism (150 films), Down syndrome (140 films), and Intellectual Disability (112 films).

Every film in our selection shines with artistic excellence, quality storytelling, and a commitment to truthful portrayal. These films are not just entertainment—they are a valuable resource for educational curriculums, professional training, community engagement, and beyond. They resonate with audiences, spark dialogue, and open hearts at schools, conferences, and special events around the globe.

Join us at Sproutflix, where every film is an invitation to see the world through a wider lens.


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