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The House
(9 min)

A group of women explore their own lives and memories through drawings and animations the director created from their artwork.

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I Go Down
(5 min)

A music video about the ability of a musician not the disability of a man with autism.

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I’m Painting Some Imagination
(14 min)

This is a portrait of two artists with intellectual disabilities who use their art to express themselves and reflect the world as they see it.

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In My Head and Heart
(3½ min)

A glimpse into the working lives of three neuro-divergent artists and their understanding of themselves and their craft.

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(6½ min)

Jess is a true creative with a unique style of her own and the confidence to show her creations to the world.

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La Tinaia
(5 min)

Meet the artists of La Tinaia, a center for expressive activities located in Florence, Italy.

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Laser Beak Man
(10 min)

A child who was never expected to walk or speak overcomes incredible odds to become an accomplished visual artist.

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Laser Beak Man – Virgin Mobile
(6 min)

Watch the remarkable story of how Tim Sharp found his voice through art and became an international sensation with Laser Beak Man.

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Lydian’s Space
(3 min)

An insight into the life of Lydian Dunbar an electronic music artist who also works in theatre and creates cross platform artwork.

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Meet Munch Jr.
(7½ min)

Step into Nikau’s colorful world as he turns to his animator Dad to help fulfill aspirations of bringing the character Munch Jr. to life.

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