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The House
(9 min)

A group of women explore their own lives and memories through drawings and animations the director created from their artwork.

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La Tinaia
(5 min)

Meet the artists of La Tinaia, a center for expressive activities located in Florence, Italy.

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Finding Fred
(10 min)

We see the love, admiration and enormous devotion between two brothers once separated by the Willowbrook State School.

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Fair Play
(53 min)

Actors with learning disabilities rehearse an acclaimed play by Claire Luckham, “The Choice”, a play about abortion.

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Nothing To Fear
(44 min)

A film crew captures the happenings during the making of a vampire film as reality becomes blurred.

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One Question
(7½ min)

35 people answer the same one question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

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(10 min)

Siblings is a touching look inside the world of those who have grown up with a brother or sister with a developmental disability.

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(7 min)

At the age of 57, Anand’s aspergers diagnosis brought a sense of validation with a lingering sadness.

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Carl Bentson: Mr. Positive
(28 min)

With a congenital condition which is never named, we see how Carl supports the community and the community supports Carl.

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(24½ min)

Burt is a man who survived decades of inhuman treatment to become a person who enjoys life to the fullest.

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