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Autism is a World

40 min / documentary / 2004 / USA

filmmaker: Gerardine Wurzburg


A documentary on an autistic woman’s inner world, her writing, and the friends she makes while in college.

 Academy Award® nominated ‘Autism Is A World’ is a documentary about Sue, who is autistic. When you meet her, she does not make eye contact. She repeatedly stands at the faucet watching water pour over her hand. Sue was diagnosed and treated as mentally retarded until the age of 13 when she began to communicate using a keyboard. Now she is a junior in College.

In Sue’s own words, ‘Autism Is A World’ takes the viewer on a journey into her mind, her daily world and her life with autism. Produced and Directed by Gerardine Wurzburg, winner of the Academy Award documentary ‘Educating Peter’ and the feature documentary ‘Wretches & Jabberers’.

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