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Filmmaker with IDD

(3 min)

An angsty teen locks himself in his bathroom with a tube of lipstick as he avoids his overbearing mother.

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Lonely Road
(2½ min)

A song from hip hop artist Cam Lasley’s 4th album. At the age of 31, Cam begins writing songs that reflect becoming a man.

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S#!t People Say to Autistic Service Dog Partners
(3 min)

If you are on the autism spectrum, have a service dog, or both you can probably relate to a lot of these.

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Superman Vampire Hunter
(6 min)

Clark is working on a newspaper article when he gets a call from his aunt about strange happenings at The Lake of the Woods.

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Can I Call You?
(3 min)

Ben is a young man looking for a relationship but wonders if the fact that he has autism changes the way girls relate to him.

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The Loop
(19 min)

Auteur Lorcan Hopper will stop at nothing to see his semi-autobiographical soap opera brought to life.

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The Mask
(3½ min)

A short film about autism and identity featuring writer and director Sharif Persaud.

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The Ups of Downs
(10 min)

Shows how independent and informed a young man with Down syndrome can be. The film gives a glimpse into a life to be proud of.

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Between Optical Area and Amygdala
(4 min)

A unique and artistically made narrative about a young man who assumes that he might be on the spectrum.

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Time For A Change
(5 min)

This auto-biographical documentary follows the filmmaker as he bids farewell to the housing he has lived in for eight years.

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