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Me and My Brother

4 min / documentary / 2020 / UK

filmmaker: Emma Spellman

In the words of his Mum and Dad, ‘Cam’s outlook on life is beautifully uncomplicated’. Nine-year-old Cam was diagnosed with Autism in 2019, but the family has always known that he walks to the beat of his own drum – they’re just trying to keep up. The East family, or little Eastlings as they call themselves, are learning to adapt to the world of an autistic child with fun and positivity at the core, but life’s not always easy. Who better to have your back than your big brother – meet Zach! He’s simply asking the world to listen and to see his little brother, Cam, for ‘who he is’ and not just by ‘how he is’. He’s hoping his words will stay with you forever and help you to understand autism a little bit better… Will you listen? 

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