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Down Syndrome

Acting Normal
(35 min)

If acting wasn’t a hard enough job to land, throw in being disabled and see what reaction you’d get.

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3:15 to Brunswick
(3 min)

This whimsical short film captures a romantic moment of connection between two people waiting for a train that never arrives.

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33 Giri
(13 min)

A man with Down syndrome dreams of reviving his dead mother. An expressive story, driven by visual poetry, not by dialogue.

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(6 min)

Daniel is different. He’s missing something. He only has 46 chromosomes where 47 should be.

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A Different Kind of Day
(5 min)

An encounter between 2 young adults with Down Syndrome and a group of youths, has unexpected consequences which change the day for everyone.

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3rd Son, Fourth Brother
(2½ min)

Another unique Cam Lasley hip hop music video. “We got each others back – until the day we drop – and we never gonna stop.”

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About Brothers
(4 min)

‘About Brothers’ is a music video for the band, Delay Treesby, starring and featuring the artwork of director Teemu Erämaa’s brother, Tomi.

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(4½ min)

Lovely, simple, and compelling, this film highlights the work of a dance company consisting of people with intellectual disabilities.

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Go For It
(2 min)

Hip-hop artist Cam Lasley – “Every night I go to sleep – I see visions in my dream – It could be reality – If I would just go for it.”

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(5½ min)

Explore the playful ambition of Hannah Dempsey, a young dancer and athlete with Down syndrome.

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