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Full Circle

18 1/2 min / documentary / 2023 / USA

co-produced and directed by: Mary Ann Maskary & Rita Eagle

Benjamin was 7 years old when he moved to Toronto. His next door neighbor Ramzi was 18 months old at the time. Within a year the two boys had become best friends.

As of 2023, Benjamin is now 52, Ramzi 46. And they are still friends!!

The disparity in their age when they first met and the longevity of their friendship certainly marks this relationship as quite unique. Add to this that Benjamin was diagnosed with Mental Retardation (now intellectual disability) when he was 14 months old, while Ramzi is intellectually gifted.

Full Circle, follows the story of the 45 year long and still on-going relationship of this unusual pair. It is a story about mutuality in a friendship; and about the beauty and poignancy of the important role each boy has played in the other’s life.
Ramzi has enriched Benjamin’s life from early childhood on and continues to be a blessing to him. Upon the birth of his first child, born with significant birth abnormalities, what Ramzi had learned through a lifetime with Benjamin in it, helped him to cope with some of the most difficult challenges he had ever known. And so… Full Circle.

 Please note that the purchase of the download includes a pdf of an educational paper related to the film, written by the co-producer, Rita Eagle.

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