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Look the Part
(6 1/2 min)

Sam has a passion to be a dancer, but is too shy to realize her dreams. When Peaches materializes one night, Sam’s dreams transform into reality.

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Heartbreak & Beauty
(14 min)

A short, experimental film depicting 12 different perspectives on universal, human emotions – all revolving around ‘love’.

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Inside My Life on the Spectrum
(8 min)

Dane shares his personal story of life with autism, using musical performance and informative dialogue.

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JMaxx – and the Universal Language
(13½ min)

Jarell is a teenager with autism who has learned to use hip-hop dance as a means to communicate his true self to the world. 

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Kill Off
(15 min)

A vivacious woman forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their love of the street dance, KRUMP.

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Making Waves
(6 min)

In this story, Max is the principal dancer in a choreographed work that is inspired by the watery world of his dreams. 

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(4½ min)

Lovely, simple, and compelling, this film highlights the work of a dance company consisting of people with intellectual disabilities.

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Meet the Rap Group
(8 min)

An introduction to Zulu P, a group of four rappers with developmental challenges who create some wild beats.

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(4 min)

A modern dance performance – every human faces different situations; some in favor of and others against the tide.

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Drag Syndrome
(9½ min)

Drag is about transformation. It’s about freedom of expression. But “Drag Syndrome” goes a step further.

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