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Get That Gold
(4½ min)

This documentary follows Kyle as he prepares to compete in the 2014 Washington State Special Olympics.

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Go Jackson Doll
(12 min)

A mother’s mental strength is tested when she enrolls her son with autism in an ice skating program.

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(3½ min)

For a boy who feels puddles are as dangerous as whirlpools, how can being submerged in a pool be relaxing?

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Harald Togram
(6 min)

Harry has Autism and signs of muscular dystrophy. His lifestyle has not been forced on him – quite in contrast, he has even chosen it.

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Here With Me
(4½ min)

A family with a daughter with autism sells everything and goes to live in the jungles of Trinidad to make their daughter happy.

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Humans of San Jose
(3 min)

A personal mini-documentary on the thoughts of the filmmaker’s brother Wataru Kubo, who has autism.

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I Am Alive
(2½ min)

An animated music video Rudely Interrupted’s tours around the globe, from airports to hotels, from the suitcase to the stage.

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I Am Ziggy
(13 min)

Ziggy loves wigs, guitars and David Bowie. She has a hundred skills and one handicap.

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I Go Down
(5 min)

A music video about the ability of a musician not the disability of a man with autism.

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I Wish
(1½ min)

A poem written by Emily Meek in which she states a variety of her wishes. A Sproutflix Production.

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