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Laser Beak Man – Virgin Mobile
(6 min)

Watch the remarkable story of how Tim Sharp found his voice through art and became an international sensation with Laser Beak Man.

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Learning to Drive
(19 min)

During a road trip, Michael, a young man with Down syndrome, is determined to convince his brother to teach him how to drive.

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Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown
(46 min)

A realistic and loving portrait of Marni and Kris, who were married in 1993 and live in NYC.

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Look, I’m in College!
(31 min)

The story of what happens when four young men with autism from a public school, are chosen to pilot a college inclusion program in NYC.

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Lou Je M’Appelle Lou
(5 min)

Lou, a boy with a developmental disability, sings and plays the piano, as he tells of his life, his enjoyments and difficulties.

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Love, Trails & Dinosaurs
(8½ min)

Experience the loving relationship of a mother and her adult son as they hike 900 miles in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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Marina’s Ocean
(17 min)

A group of students are preparing a special trip to the beach. Marina, a 15-year-old girl has a strong wish to visit the sea for the first time.

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Martin the Ghost
(25 min)

Martin is severely brain damaged due to a car accident, and can no longer move or speak. Martin used to live life in the fast lane.

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Me and My Brother
(4 min)

Zach is simply asking the world to listen and to see his little brother, Cam, for ‘who he is’ and not just by ‘how he is’.

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Meet Munch Jr.
(7½ min)

Step into Nikau’s colorful world as he turns to his animator Dad to help fulfill aspirations of bringing the character Munch Jr. to life.

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