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In Your Dreams Boy
(17½ min)

Bobby and his brother Luke are looking for love… A comic look at the perils of dating with and without an intellectual disability.

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Ingrid’s Big Jump
(10 min)

Ingrid’s big goal is to hang glide. Her journey to the edge of the precipice took hard work, perseverance and character.

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Inside My Life on the Spectrum
(8 min)

Dane shares his personal story of life with autism, using musical performance and informative dialogue.

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Jack Blond
(12 min)

Jack Blond is a regular guy with Down syndrome who idolizes James Bond.

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Jacob’s Turn
(8 min)

An inspirational short documentary about a boy with Down syndrome and his love of baseball.

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(3½ min)

Jason is on the autism spectrum, but this doesn’t stop him from enjoying a busy and active life in his home state of Iowa.

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(4 min)

Jeffrey has a certain flair and a passion to be with people, to help others and enjoy life!

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(6½ min)

Jess is a true creative with a unique style of her own and the confidence to show her creations to the world.

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(2 min)

Two kids on a merry-go-round, one is “normal”, the other has Down syndrome.

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JMaxx – and the Universal Language
(13½ min)

Jarell is a teenager with autism who has learned to use hip-hop dance as a means to communicate his true self to the world. 

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