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Hold My Hand
(17 min)

Explore the significance of difference and equality in the life of Eliza, a 20 year old woman living with Down syndrome.

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How’s Your News? Ohio & Florida
(29 min)

The How’s Your News? team follows the 2004 presidential campaign trail from Ohio to Florida leading up to the election.

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How’s Your News? On the Campaign Trail
(25 min)

The “How’s Your News?” crew are at it again with their insightful and hilarious coverage of the 2004 Presidential campaign.

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Humans of San Jose
(3 min)

A personal mini-documentary on the thoughts of the filmmaker’s brother Wataru Kubo, who has autism.

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I Am Ziggy
(13 min)

Ziggy loves wigs, guitars and David Bowie. She has a hundred skills and one handicap.

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I Love Grilled Cheese
(4 min)

Libby provides some insight about the joys of living with her best friend, and big brother, Max, who has Down syndrome.

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I’m Painting Some Imagination
(14 min)

This is a portrait of two artists with intellectual disabilities who use their art to express themselves and reflect the world as they see it.

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In My Head and Heart
(3½ min)

A glimpse into the working lives of three neuro-divergent artists and their understanding of themselves and their craft.

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Ingrid’s Big Jump
(10 min)

Ingrid’s big goal is to hang glide. Her journey to the edge of the precipice took hard work, perseverance and character.

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Inside My Life on the Spectrum
(8 min)

Dane shares his personal story of life with autism, using musical performance and informative dialogue.

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