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Let Me Be Brave

45 min / documentary / 1991 / USA

filmmaker: Mike Tollin

On February 15, 1990, a group of 12 athletes with developmental disabilities , ages 19 to 30, along with coaches, CBS Sportscaster James Brown and a film production team, began an expedition to ascend Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak.

Located on the border between Kenya and Tanzania, and at 19,342 feet, it is Africa’s highest mountain. A challenge for experts, it is especially inspirational when attempted by this remarkable group of individuals.

We follow them as they encounter and confront the worst are snowstorm in 20 years at 16,000 feet. We see firsthand the determination, courage, teamwork and spirit of the group. On February 22, five of the athletes made it to the top, much better than the average of 25% of all who attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. They give bravery a new meaning.


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