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Broken Lines

35 min / documentary / 2018 / USA

filmmaker: Peter Scheer

Broken Lines examines the life of a young man who was hell bent on destroying himself only to be saved, surprisingly, by a near-fatal car accident.

Since he was a young child, Austin Guerra was afflicted with ADHD, Tourettes syndrome, impulse control, and chronic anxiety. These innate conditions soon manifested in arrogant and disruptive behavior, and, by age 12, alcohol and drug abuse. All of these afflictions led to a tragic mistake that nearly killed him.

This documentary takes us to the time before, and immediately after, Austin’s near fatal collision, which resulted in severe bodily injuries, Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] along with partial blindness and deafness. Broken Lines is a true story of hope, transcendence, and ultimately victory over drug addiction. We are all familiar with tragic stories of those who have succumbed to drug overdose and abuse, but we are not so familiar with those who have survived and triumphed. Broken Lines shares the unique insights of a bright young man who survived a near fatal accident and overcame numerous obstacles – it is the story of promise and the impossible made possible.

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