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Fragile X Family

11 min / documentary / 2004 / USA

filmmaker: Witness

With the help of local social services workers, Minerva is able to live independently and obtain the educational services the children need. But when Amy sparks a neighborhood conflict and Franky goes to her defense, Minerva’s parenting skills are put to the test.

Fragile X Syndrome is an inheritable sex-linked chromosomal disorder, and the second most common cause of developmental disability. This documentary takes viewers inside the life of a developmentally disabled woman who is struggling to raise three children who also have the syndrome. Mikey is severely developmentally disabled and has autism; unable to speak or care for himself, he requires constant supervision. The oldest, Franky, is on medication and struggles for maturity, but sometimes cannot control his anger. Amy, the youngest child, is charming, but hyperactive and a bit of a troublemaker.

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