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Okay, Let’s Talk About Me
(26 min)

Meet Eddie. He’s a seventeen-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome. He’s stubborn and charming, funny and sometimes temperamental.

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Permission to Grow
(25 min)

The Random 1 team meets Kevin, a shy, young man with an intellectual disability. He has a simple request: help him find his first date.

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(6 min)

The story of a man who copes with his disability by living through his dreams.

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(14 min)

‘Ruggero’ is a comedy that shows that love is not a matter of ability – it is a matter of fortune.

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Sheri and Paul
(11 min)

A couple shares their personal thoughts on love and marriage 3 months before their wedding, in this candid and touching portrait.

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Strong Love
(59 min)

The story of world-class weight lifter Jon Shapiro and his childhood sweetheart Holly James.

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Cared Witless
(10 min)

Glen, a young man with Down syndrome, played by David Miller, goes on a shopping trip with a personal assistant from hell.

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The Eighth Day
(108 min)

A chance encounter between Georges and Harry sets the scene for a carefully crafted examination of love, loss and life rediscovery.

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Can I Call You?
(3 min)

Ben is a young man looking for a relationship but wonders if the fact that he has autism changes the way girls relate to him.

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By Any Other Name
(15 min)

One day the monotony of Jared’s life is up-ended when he meets his pretty new co-worker Marissa.

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