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Intellectual disability

Alles Fur Alle
(3 min)

A music video of improvisational musicians from a Hamburg community of people with developmental disabilities.

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When I Die
(1½ min)

A touching, personal and sensitive poem written by Nancy Brown & Vicky Reaves and recited / performed by Nadirah McFadden.

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Where’s Molly?
(72 min)

“Where’s Molly?” – Since he was 6 years old, Jeff Daly kept asking that question about his only sister.

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Against the Fence
(19 min)

Riley was brutally beaten in a bias crime because of his developmental disability. Such a bias crime is not unusual.

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Acting Normal
(35 min)

If acting wasn’t a hard enough job to land, throw in being disabled and see what reaction you’d get.

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A Crack in Everything
(21 min)

Maeve and Billy are separated by the Belfast peace lines. The spark of love has been ignited.

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Another Brick In The Wall
(5½ min)

People with developmental disabilities perform and sing the Turkish version of Pink Floyd’s hit alongside famous Turkish artists.

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