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Sproutflix hosts the largest and most diverse assortment of films featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) on the marketplace. Since its creation in 2009, our online catalog has been offering an ever-growing, jury-selected collection that now includes over 280 films.

This curated catalog includes a wide variety of genres and diverse topics. All films have been selected for inclusion based on artistic merit, quality filmmaking, honest representations and content that will entertain, enlighten and touch the heart.

Sproutflix is programmed and supported by Sprout, a NYC-based nonprofit organization founded in 1979. Sprout is dedicated to bringing innovative programming to people with I/DD.

Sproutflix offers streams, downloads, collections and subscriptions to be purchased and licensed for institutional and educational use. We believe film can inspire, inform and spark change. It is a powerful educational tool and the perfect addition to any curriculum or training program.

If you are thinking about incorporating film into a class, training or special event, we welcome you to browse our selection of unique films covering an assortment of thought-provoking topics.


Purchase Options Available

Purchase of individual films

The cost for each film is noted on the film’s details page. The video will remain on the platform AND the actual video file will be sent to you.

Custom Designed Playlists

You select the films and the length of time you want the playlist to be active, this will determine the related cost. We will provide you with a customized playlist, in an online, sharable, user-friendly format. This playlist can be designed with or without a login required and will only be seen by the people you share the link with.

Subscription Plans Available

Allows the subscriber to stream all the films in the catalogue, with unlimited views, monthly or annually. The subscriber logs on with an email address and a password. The log in info can be shared with an unlimited number of people, however only 5 people can be using that subscription at the same time.

A sample of agencies and universities using our playlists and movies

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