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University of New Mexico 22.11

  • The University of New Mexico

  • Intro - Mm-hmn
  • Mm-hmn

    A hand-drawn animation exploring a mother’s natural concerns for her son Joel.

  • Intro - What Was It Like?
  • What Was It Like?

    Eight adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities interview their parents about what it was like when they were children.

  • Intro - Bye
  • Bye

    Follow Jayden, a two and half year old diagnosed with autism, through his first months of school in the Bronx, NY.

  • Intro - Fathers' Voices
  • Fathers' Voices

    We focus on 4 men raising children with developmental disabilities as they share their hopes, dreams, joys and challenges.

  • Intro - I Don't Care
  • I Don't Care

    Ollie, a young mother-to-be, faces the possibility of having a child with Down’s syndrome.

  • Intro - The Other Child
  • The Other Child

    Brothers and sisters have a unique window into each other’s world.

  • Intro - Fixing Luka
  • Fixing Luka

    Lucy thinks her brother, Luka, is broken. His obsessive, meticulous, infuriating arrangements of sugar cubes and thimbles prove it.

  • I Love Grilled Cheese
  • I Love Grilled Cheese

    Libby provides some insight about the joys of living with her best friend, and big brother, Max, who has Down syndrome.


Active November 1, 2022 – February 1, 2023

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