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University of New Mexico – Center for Development & Disability

  • University of New Mexico

  • University of New Mexico

  • Intro - Drag Syndrome
  • Drag Syndrome

    Drag is about transformation. It's about freedom of expression. But 'Drag Syndrome' goes a step further.

  • Intro - Being Seen
  • Being Seen

    Funny and heart-wrenching; these people’s candid and articulate self-awareness quickly shatter preconceptions of the disabled.

  • Intro - Offense Taken
  • Offense Taken

    When a Minneapolis Theater company put on a show titled “Rise of the Celebretards,” people with disabilities and their allies took action.

  • Intro - Hold My Hand
  • Hold My Hand

    Explore the significance of difference and equality in the life of Eliza, a 20 year old woman living with Down syndrome.

  • Intro - Heartbreak & Beauty
  • Heartbreak & Beauty

    A short, experimental film depicting 12 different perspectives on universal, human emotions – all revolving around ‘love’.

  • Intro - Sparkle
  • Sparkle

    As Matthew becomes the drag queen, Mrs. Sparkle, he shares what the transformation means to him.
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