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TRC 2024

  • Intro - Watching Over
  • Watching Over

    78-year-old Del Rae attends church, volunteers and participates in water aerobics. She also takes care of two women with Down syndrome.

  • Intro - Q&A
  • Q&A

    12–year–old Joshua, who was diagnosed with autism, interviews his mother and covers everything from cockroaches to her feelings about him as a son.

  • Intro - Emergency

  • Emergency

    A 2024 release from Australia's Indie Rockers 'Rudely Interrupted'.

  • Intro - A Dose For Dominic
  • A Dose For Dominic

    A family in Seattle decides to give their son, Dominic, medical cannabis to lessen the violent effects brought on by his severe autism.

  • Intro - A Crack in Everything
  • A Crack in Everything

    Maeve and Billy are separated by the Belfast peace lines. The spark of love has been ignited.

  • Intro - Freefall
  • Freefall

    Lovely, simple, and compelling, this film highlights the work of a dance company consisting of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Intro - Being Seen
  • Being Seen

    Funny and heart-wrenching; these people’s candid and articulate self-awareness quickly shatter preconceptions of the disabled.

  • Intro - Mise En Place
  • Mise En Place

    Charlie works as a dishwasher in a high end restaurant when she finally has a chance to express herself and showcase her talent for artful plating.

  • Intro - The Sober Raver
  • The Sober Raver

    Bradley was born with Aspergers, but he doesn't let that stop him doing what he loves, raving.

  • Intro - Hopeful Romantic
  • Hopeful Romantic

    Daisy waits in a bar for her online date – he is late. A man offers her a drink and after accepting his offer, she tries to impress him by imitating the ‘cool’ girl in the bar.

  • Intro - Fighter
  • Fighter

    Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer with Down syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring.

  • Intro - Bye
  • Bye

    Follow Jayden, a two and half year old diagnosed with autism, through his first months of school in the Bronx, NY.

  • Intro - Shakespeare in Tokyo
  • Shakespeare in Tokyo

    Ben, an artist with Down Syndrome, explores Tokyo. With his knowledge of Shakespeare, improvisational skills and humor, he catches people’s hearts.

  • Intro - Can I Call You?
  • Can I Call You?

    Ben is a young man looking for the perfect relationship but wonders if the fact that he has autism changes the way girls relate to him.

  • Intro - Hold Me Down
  • Hold Me Down

    This short features a poem written by Cam Lasley, a hip-hop artist with Down syndrome, and performed/recited by Marlon, a young man with I/DD.

  • Intro - Jimmy
  • Jimmy

    Two young boys on a merry-go-round, one is “normal”, the other has Down syndrome.

  • Intro - Paul
  • Paul

    A friend, a lover, a knight in shining armor… meet Paul, a man with Down syndrome.

  • Intro - Look the Part
  • Look the Part

    Sam has a passion to be a dancer, but is too shy to realize her dreams. When Peaches materializes one night, Sam’s dreams transform into reality.

  • Intro - Love and Independence
  • Love and Independence

    Lori knew Peter was her soulmate when they first met and now they are showing how people with I/DD can live, work and thrive in a community.

  • Intro - Hands Away
  • Hands Away

    People often express joy through movements.

  • Intro - Meet Andrew
  • Meet Andrew

    Andrew has worked at Heath Tyres for 30 years. Having a job, going to work and being part of the team is an important part of his life.

  • Intro - Moyzee
  • Moyzee

    Moyzee is a singer-songwriter and a die-hard romantic, who uses his songs as a platform to be heard.

  • Intro - Music & Clowns
  • Music & Clowns

    Jamie, has a profound learning disability. Despite being close to nonverbal, he demonstrates charisma, humor, and emotional sensitivity.

  • Intro: Spectrum - Autism Animated
  • Spectrum: Autism Animated

    'Spectrum'' combines live action and animation to explore the inner sensory experience of autism.

  • Intro - Sunshine
  • Sunshine

    Sunshine is a film about a waitress who notices that one of her customers is extremely upset. She goes out of her way to try and make the customer feel better.

Suggested films for the 2024 Sprout Film Festival

This playlist will remain active through to Monday, July 8, 2024.

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