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The Misunderstood Love

15 min / narrative / 2012 / Italy

filmmaker: Riccardo Di Gerlando

A beautifully shot silent film – a man witnesses the physical mutation of a young woman with Down syndrome.

Set in the Italian region Liguria and more specifically at the Hanbury Gardens and Bordighera’s Villa Etelinda, the movie deals with the theme of disability emphasizing how ephemeral is the distinction between normal and different, especially when related to love.

The protagonists are two young adults with Down syndrome. Holding hands, they picture themselves living their pure and honest love in an imaginary world, inspired by a few posters hung on an old wall.

She imagines herself as a long blonde haired girl, he pictures himself as an attractive young man, passionately in love. They seek, look, and meet each other. By meeting each other in their fantasies, they actually meet themselves in reality, as they are, in a touching bond of love and happiness. 

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