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Stranger Hero

18 min / narrative / 2007 / UK 

filmmaker: Steve Carolan


Episode I: Stranger Hero is an action serial featuring the world’s first kung-fu super hero with Down’s syndrome.

Episode II: Captured by the Bell Ringer, Stranger Hero encounters a vicious gang of Stalkers intent on taking him for their own mysterious reasons. Help comes in the form of Rags – only problem is, Stranger Hero doesn’t want to go and Rags finds himself confronting the Stalkers himself

Episode III: Stranger Hero meets a wounded colleague in the wastelands, he needs help, but Stranger is in no mood to extend the hand of friendship…

Stranger Hero was an intentional attempt to create a character outside of those usually cast for a person with Down syndrome.

These three short episodes will be controversial to some people because of the violent fight scenes in each episode that are central to the plot.

Please note in Extras you will find the 33-minute documentary, Strangerous Pursuits, which follows the production company “Shoot Your Mouth Off” as it tries to train a man with learning disabilities to become an action star.

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