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Rainman Goes to RocKwiz

30 min / documentary / 2010 / Australia

filmmaker: Russell Kilbey


Mark Boerebach lives in a black and white world but he dreams in color. A nearly blind recluse with Asperger’s Syndrome, can he break out of his constrictive routine and show his amazing music chart recall on a live TV quiz show?

Along the way we have some incredible insights into Mark’s touching and remarkable life.

Socially ostracized his whole life Mark has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Australian music charts. Though plagued by anxieties he is an endearing figure as he reveals his unique relationship to a now defunct plastic bottle and his double life as an Astronaut/ Media Baron in a place called Earth 2.

This film received an unprecedented response when it aired on Australian TV and has now been re-edited as a stand-alone international program.

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