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Our House

83 min / documentary / 2003 / USA

filmmaker: Sevan Matossian


Laura, Tim W., and Tim S. were born with developmental disabilities and are now living outside an institution for the first time. This documentary verite explores the intimate and original view of human struggle told through the stories of these unique individuals.

Filmed over the duration of one year by Sevan Matossian, who lives and works at their home, the documentary strings together a mosaic of humor and pain that unfolds under one roof.

The house where Laura, Tim S., and Tim W. live is defined by its supportive living philosophy. Each resident of the house is under the supervision of twenty-four hour staff support. The supportive living mantra encourages the residents to eventually wean away from staff assistance so they can ultimately live independently. Learning how to live on their own however, is only one aspect of their struggles, which include dealing with aggression and self-awareness. There are eight residents with developmental disabilities living in the house and Our House focuses on three of the higher functioning adults.

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