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  • Intro - 100% Myself
  • 100% Myself

    Climbing has helped Georgia, a young woman on the autism spectrum, to confront her issues and realize that, for her, 'normal' just isn't.

  • Intro - 3:15 to Brunswick
  • 3:15 to Brunswick

    This whimsical short film captures a romantic moment of connection between two people waiting for a train that never arrives.

  • Intro - A Crack in Everything
  • A Crack in Everything

    Maeve and Billy are separated by the Belfast peace lines. The spark of love has been ignited.

  • Intro - Autism: A Somali-American Story
  • Autism: A Somali-American Story

    in the Somali refugee population of Minnesota, many American-born children are being diagnosed with severe Autism.

  • Intro - Be My Brother
  • Be My Brother

    A young man's charm and charisma challenges the prejudices of a stranger at a bus stop.

  • Intro - Beautiful

  • Beautiful

    Two people with disabilities navigate through the challenges they're faced with when their relationship is displayed in public.

  • Intro - Being Seen
  • Being Seen

    Funny and heart-wrenching; these people’s candid and articulate self-awareness quickly shatter preconceptions of the disabled.

  • Intro - Brooklyn Love Tales
  • Brooklyn Love Tales

    A personal look into the lives of three couples with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A Sproutflix Production.

  • Intro - Bumblebees

  • Bumblebees

    Vance was diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy - now he has a new challenge: dating.

  • Intro - Bye
  • Bye

    Follow Jayden, a two and half year old diagnosed with autism, through his first months of school in the Bronx, NY.

  • Intro - Can I Call You?

  • Can I Call You?

    Ben is a young man looking for the perfect relationship but wonders if the fact that he has autism changes the way girls relate to him.

  • Intro: Chimes for Tyler

  • Chimes for Tyler

    A story about a young boy with autism named Tyler Doi who loves wind chimes.

  • Intro - Close My Eyes
  • Close My Eyes

    A sweeping music video that so slowly and cleverly reveals the characters behind this slice of pitch perfect indie pop.

  • Intro - Coaching Colburn
  • Coaching Colburn

    James, born with Fragile X Syndrome, finds joy in the smallest things and uses his gift of comedic timing to inspire others.

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    Intro - Cocktails With Ben

  • Cocktails With Ben

    Despite severe medical hardships, learning disabilities, and challenges “fitting in” with peers, Ben's love for life, and for music shines.

  • Intro: Dream Lover

  • Dream Lover

    Seth, a shy man with developmental disabilities, lives in a group home with Linda, a woman he loves from afar. A Sproutflix Production.

  • Intro - Family Life
  • Family Life

    Can individuals with developmental disabilities be good parents? “Family Life” profiles Clement & Karen Lefebvre and their two children.

  • Intro - Fathers' Voices
  • Fathers' Voices

    We focus on 4 men raising children with developmental disabilities as they share their hopes, dreams, joys and challenges.

  • Intro - Fighter
  • Fighter

    Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer with Down syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring.

  • Intro - Filters
  • Filters

    Kira, a bright and stylish young woman living with Down syndrome, compares herself to social media influencer, Chantal.

  • Intro - Finding Fred
  • Finding Fred

    'Finding Fred' shows the development of love, admiration and devotion between two brothers once separated by the Willowbrook State School.

  • Intro - Freefall
  • Freefall

    Lovely, simple, and compelling, this film highlights the work of a dance company consisting of people with intellectual disabilities.

  • Intro - Get That Gold
  • Get That Gold

    This documentary follows Kyle as he prepares to compete in the 2014 Washington State Special Olympics.

  • Intro - Go Jackson Doll
  • Go Jackson Doll

    A mother’s mental strength is tested when she enrolls her son with autism in an ice skating program.

  • Intro - Happiest Day
  • Happiest Day

    The film follows a bride and groom’s various journeys on the morning of their wedding, with an expected twist.

  • Intro - Heart Eyes
  • Heart Eyes

    A high school student with Down syndrome pursues her crush in hopes of securing a date for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

  • Intro - Heart Over Body
  • Heart Over Body

    Zack Childers is an athlete with cerebral palsy. He was told at a young age by doctors that he would never walk without a walker.

  • Intro - Here With Me
  • Here With Me

    A family with a daughter with severe autism sells everything and goes to live deep in the jungles of Trinidad to make their daughter happy.

  • Intro - Hold Me Down
  • Hold Me Down

    This short features a poem written by Cam Lasley, a hip-hop artist with Down syndrome, and performed/recited by Marlon, a young man with I/DD.

  • Intro - How Do I Know?
  • How Do I Know?

    Poetry by Mark VanSlyke. Performed by Gina Watson. Two people with I/DD. This is a Sproutflix Production.

  • Intro - Humans of San Jose
  • Humans of San Jose

    A personal mini-documentary on the thoughts of the filmmaker’s brother Wataru Kubo, who has autism.

  • Intro - I Can't Sit Still and Concentrate
  • I Can't Sit Still and Concentrate

    A poem, by Jennifer Fan, which shares moments of anxiety. The poem is recited and performed by Nadirah McFadden. A Sproutflix Production.

  • I Love Grilled Cheese
  • I Love Grilled Cheese

    Libby provides some insight about the joys of living with her best friend, and big brother, Max, who has Down syndrome.

  • Intro - I Wish
  • I Wish

    This is one in series of short videos featuring poetry written by poets with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Intro - In My Head and Heart
  • In My Head and Heart

    A glimpse into the working lives of 3 neuro-divergent artists and their understanding of themselves and their craft.

  • Intro - Jacob's Turn
  • Jacob's Turn

    An inspirational short documentary about a boy with Down syndrome and his love of baseball.

  • Intro - Jimmy
  • Jimmy

    Two young boys on a merry-go-round, one is “normal”, the other has Down syndrome.

  • Intro - Keith and Daniel
  • Keith and Daniel

    An intimate portrait of a family in Iowa whose lives begin to change when their first son is diagnosed with a rare behavioral disorder.

  • Intro - Love and Independence
  • Love and Independence

    Lori knew Peter was her soulmate when they first met and now they are showing how people with I/DD can live, work and thrive in a community.

  • Intro - Love is a Strange Game
  • Love is a Strange Game

    A music video by Station 17- a collection of musicians from a Hamburg community of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • Intro - Love, Trails & Dinosaurs
  • Love, Trails & Dinosaurs

    Experience the loving relationship of a mother and her young adult son with autism as they hike the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

  • Intro - Meet the Rap Group
  • Meet the Rap Group

    An introduction to Zulu P, a group of four rappers with developmental challenges who create some wild beats.

  • Intro - My Love Legacy
  • My Love Legacy

    Features the poetry of Frank Doherty and the performances of 5 young adults with developmental disabilities. A Sproutflix Production.

  • Intro - Not A Wallflower
  • Not A Wallflower

    Ben is a young man with a bright future. Living with autism is of no consequence, except when it comes to his boss, and finding love.

  • Intro - One Question
  • One Question

    Thirty-five people with I/DD answer the same one question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

  • Intro - Parallels
  • Parallels

    Ray worries about his brother Rick, who has autism. With the help of a counselor, he realizes he may be mistaken in his thoughts about Rick.

  • Intro - Real Kid
  • Real Kid

    As a 12-year-old grapples with identity, his family faces the emotional realities of his autism diagnosis.

  • Intro - The Girl With the Tuba
  • The Girl With the Tuba

    A young woman with autism details how playing a tuba in the streets of Atlanta has helped her define her voice as an activist.

  • Intro - The Interviewer
  • The Interviewer

    Thomas gets more than he bargained for in his interview at a prestigious law firm; the chance to change the lives of a father and son.

  • Intro - The Other Child
  • The Other Child

    Brothers and sisters have a unique window into each other’s world.

  • Intro: The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot
  • The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot

    Tom holds a secret in his human heart; a wing beat and a flutter, and it’s bursting to take flight in this tale of magical realism.

  • Intro - Track By Track
  • Track By Track

    Track by Track follows the story of Kendall Collins, an 18-year-old sketch artist with autism who is on the brink of adulthood.

  • Intro - Trapped
  • Trapped

    A story about Kevin, a man with mental illness resulting from brain injury. His short term memory causes confusion, anxiety and frustration.

  • Intro - Visible
  • Visible

    A teenage girl who feels left out and ignored by her peers, is inspired to do something audacious in order to get noticed.

  • Intro - Wake Up Junior
  • Wake Up Junior>br>
    Junior felt safe and protected with the girl of his dreams, Cat, a superhero from the planet Caton who he created.

  • Intro - What Was It Like?
  • What Was It Like?

    Eight adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities interview their parents about what it was like when they were children.

  • Intro - What Would You Change?
  • What Would You Change?

    “If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?”

  • Intro - Yolk
  • Yolk

    A coming of age tale takes on new depth as a girl with Down's syndrome learns about love, sex and looking out for those who need protection.


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