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Young adult

Heart Eyes
(6½ min)

A high school student with Down syndrome pursues her crush in hopes of securing a date for the Valentine’s Day Dance.

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Heart Over Body
(10 min)

Zack Childers is an athlete with cerebral palsy. He was told at a young age by doctors that he would never walk without a walker.

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Heartbreak & Beauty
(14 min)

A short, experimental film depicting 12 different perspectives on universal, human emotions – all revolving around ‘love’.

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Here With Me
(4½ min)

A family with a daughter with autism sells everything and goes to live in the jungles of Trinidad to make their daughter happy.

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Hold Me Down
(1½ min)

A poem by Cam Lasley, a hip-hop artist with Down syndrome, is performed/recited by Marlon Foster, a young man with an I/DD.

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Hold My Hand
(17 min)

Explore the significance of difference and equality in the life of Eliza, a 20 year old woman living with Down syndrome.

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How Do I Feel About That?
(2½ min)

Seth, a person with developmental disabilities, gives a commentary on a community’s efforts to deny a group home from opening.

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How Do I Know?
(1½ min)

A poem by Mark VanSlyke and recited/performed by Gina Watson two people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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How’s Your News? Ohio & Florida
(29 min)

The How’s Your News? team follows the 2004 presidential campaign trail from Ohio to Florida leading up to the election.

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How’s Your News? On the Campaign Trail
(25 min)

The “How’s Your News?” crew are at it again with their insightful and hilarious coverage of the 2004 Presidential campaign.

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