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Autism: A Somali-American Story
(11 min)

In the Somali refugee population of Minnesota, many American-born children are being diagnosed with severe Autism.

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(11 min)

Joshua, an 18-year-old diagnosed with autism, overcomes his personal struggles while becoming a champion at the sport he loves.

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Anything Is Possible
(3 min)

A boy has a little sister with Angelman Syndrome. Through a poem he wrote, we see the strong bond that exists between them.

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(4½ min)

Andrew is somewhat verbal and can do most basic self-care tasks. He craves the same independence that his brother and sister enjoy.

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What Was It Like?
(15 min)

Young adults interview their parents about what it was like when they were children.

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Against the Fence
(19 min)

Riley was brutally beaten in a bias crime because of his developmental disability. Such a bias crime is not unusual.

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Winston’s Ghost
(9 min)

In an age where photography is over-saturated, Ryan combines his photography skills and love of urban exploration.

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A Dose For Dominic
(7 min)

After struggling with many treatment options, a family decides to give their son medical cannabis to lessen the effects of his autism.

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33 Giri
(13 min)

A man with Down syndrome dreams of reviving his dead mother. An expressive story, driven by visual poetry.

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