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Films w/discussion guides

(4 min)

Identical twins born only three minutes apart are separated by a large distinction: Ella has Down syndrome while Eavan does not.

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Real Kid
(14½ min)

As a 12-year-old grapples with identity, his family faces the emotional realities of his autism diagnosis.

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(10 min)

Follow Jayden, a two and half year old diagnosed with autism, through his first months of school in the Bronx.

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The Interviewer
(13 min)

Thomas gets more than he bargained for in his interview at a law firm; a chance to change the lives of a father and son.

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Brooklyn Love Tales
(12½ min)

A personal look into the lives of three couples with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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What Was It Like?
(15 min)

Young adults interview their parents about what it was like when they were children.

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