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Feature length > 30min

The Teachings of Jon
(57 min)

An insightful and soul-touching film about Jon, a 40-year old man, severely and profoundly affected by Down syndrome.

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Autism is a World
(40 min)

An Academy Award nominated documentary on a woman with autism’s inner world, her writing, and the friends she makes.

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When I Die
(1½ min)

A touching, personal and sensitive poem written by Nancy Brown & Vicky Reaves and recited / performed by Nadirah McFadden.

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Where’s Molly?
(72 min)

“Where’s Molly?” – Since he was 6 years old, Jeff Daly kept asking that question about his only sister.

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Wretches & Jabberers
(94 min)

Two artists with autism embark on a global quest to change attitudes about disability and intelligence.

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A Still Jacket
(74 min)

Roman doesn’t speak – not a word in 26 years. But the joy he takes in filming and being filmed is one expression of his life with autism.

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