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I’m a Ghost
(30 min)

During an emotional time in his life Jimmy is enrolled at a boarding school. While there he gets a crush on a waitress and meets a ghost.

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My Classic Life As An Artist
(21 min)

Explore the complexities of expression as autistic artist Larry Bissonnette moves between speech, typing and painting.

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One Question
(7½ min)

35 people answer the same one question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

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Our House
(83 min)

Laura, Tim W and Tim S were born with developmental disabilities and are now living outside an institution for the first time.

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Discovering the Truth
(9 min)

Tanner discusses the time when he learned about his diagnosis of being autistic, and how it has actually helped him.

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Brooklyn Love Tales
(12½ min)

A personal look into the lives of three couples with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Breaking Boundaries: the Art of Alex Masket
(18 min)

A young adult with severe autism, Alex is functionally non-verbal and makes what we in the verbal world call art.

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Billy the Kid
(84 min)

An inspiring portrayal of adolescence, which takes an intimate look at a 15-year-old growing up in a small town.

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Where’s Molly?
(72 min)

“Where’s Molly?” – Since he was 6 years old, Jeff Daly kept asking that question about his only sister.

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Willowbrook: the Last Great Disgrace
(28 min)

Focusing on an institution located in Staten Island, NY, this film, with reporter, Geraldo Rivera, was one of the first exposés on local TV.

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