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3 min / documentary / 2017 / USA

filmmakers: Jonathan Adamson and Shannon Doty

Join Brian Aubin on a remarkable journey from adversity to empowerment!

Brian’s school years were marked by social struggles, anxiety, and bullying due to Asperger’s syndrome. At 17 years old, a diagnosis ignited his path to self-discovery. Yoga and meditation, discovered in 2013, became his transformative tools, quieting his mind and fostering self-esteem.

Fueled by his own growth, Brian founded a business offering tailored yoga, meditation, and mindfulness sessions for individuals with autism and special needs. His mission? Equipping others with tools to manage emotions, anxiety, and stress.

This video is an invitation to break misconceptions about autism, celebrate triumphs, and embrace holistic healing. Be inspired as Brian shares his path, reminding us all of the strength that resides within.

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