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The Arc of Douglas County 2023

  • Intro - Jason
  • Jason

    Jason is on the autism spectrum, but this doesn’t stop him from enjoying a busy and active life.

  • Intro - Family Life
  • Family Life

    Can individuals with developmental disabilities be good parents? “Family Life” profiles Clement & Karen Lefebvre and their two children.

  • Intro - 100% Myself
  • 100% Myself

    Climbing has helped Georgia, a young woman on the autism spectrum, to confront her issues and realize that, for her, 'normal' just isn't.

  • Intro - A Good Life, Too
  • A Good Life, Too

    At a young age Alonzo suffered a brain injury. It changed the way he learns, communicates and the way he interprets the world around him.

  • Intro - Another Brick in the Wall
  • Another Brick in the Wall

    People with developmental disabilities perform and sing the Turkish version of Pink Floyd's hit song alongside famous Turkish artists.

  • Intro - Brooklyn Love Tales
  • Brooklyn Love Tales

    A personal look into the lives of three couples with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A Sproutflix Production.

  • Intro - Close My Eyes
  • Close My Eyes

    A sweeping music video that so slowly and cleverly reveals the characters behind this slice of pitch perfect indie pop.

  • Intro - Discovering the Truth
  • Discovering the Truth

    Tanner discusses the time when he learned about his diagnosis of being autistic, and how it has actually helped him.

  • Intro - Extra Ordinary
  • Extra Ordinary

    A glimpse into the lives of two young individuals with Down syndrome living happy and fulfilling lives.

  • Intro - Get Closer
  • Get Closer

    A short film that encourages people to look for ways to embrace the differences and get closer today. Do we really need to disguise ourselves to get closer?

  • Intro - Get That Gold
  • Get That Gold

    This documentary follows Kyle as he prepares to compete in the 2014 Washington State Special Olympics.

  • Intro - Hold Me Down
  • Hold Me Down

    This short features a poem written by Cam Lasley, a hip-hop artist with Down syndrome, and performed/recited by Marlon, a young man with I/DD.

  • Intro - Jimmy
  • Jimmy

    Two young boys on a merry-go-round, one is “normal”, the other has Down syndrome.

  • Intro - JMaxx
  • JMaxx and the Universal Language

    Jarell is a teenager with autism who has learned to use hip-hop dance as a means to communicate his true self to the world.

  • Intro - Love and Independence
  • Love and Independence

    Lori knew Peter was her soulmate when they first met and now they are showing how people with I/DD can live, work and thrive in a community.

  • Intro - One Question
  • One Question

    Thirty-five people with I/DD answer the same one question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

  • Intro - Sheri and Paul
  • Sheri and Paul

    A couple shares their personal thoughts on love and marriage, three months before their wedding, in this candid and touching portrait.

  • Intro - The Girl With the Tuba
  • The Girl With the Tuba

    A young woman with autism details how playing a tuba in the streets of Atlanta has helped her define her voice as an activist.

  • Intro - The Interviewer
  • The Interviewer

    Thomas gets more than he bargained for in his interview at a prestigious law firm; the chance to change the lives of a father and son.

  • Intro - Visible
  • Visible

    A teenage girl who feels left out and ignored by her peers, is inspired to do something audacious in order to get noticed.

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