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6 min / narrative / 2011 / Germany (English subtitles)

filmmaker: Nadine Heinze & Marc Dietschreit

Daniel is different. He’s missing something. He only has 46 chromosomes where 47 should be.

46/47 shows the world “from the other side”. Everyone has Down syndrome. Those with only 46 chromosomes are considered handicapped. Those like Daniel. He is always immediately seen but rarely recognized. He finds himself confronted with prejudice on a daily basis. He is perceived as somehow “different”, usually not as an equal part of society. Even his self image is shaped by his “being different”.

Everyday situations, like shopping for groceries or riding the bus are torture for him – from the perspective of the so-called “normals”. At work, he isn’t taken seriously. His overly concerned mother monitors him through daily phone calls. Only his lone friend knows his problem and resolves to help.

46/47 is a short film about “being different”. The film ventures a desperately needed change of perspective (whether 46 or 47 chromosomes), plays with habitual stereotypes, tries to make “being different” an experience and asks the question “What is normal?” a little differently. 

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