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I’m A Ghost

I’m A Ghost

30 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2009 / USA

During an emotional time in his life Jimmy is enrolled, by his father, at a boarding school. While there he is bullied by his roommates, gets a crush on a waitress and meets a ghost.

A Sprout Make-A-Movie production shot in 2009 – starring Peter Ford as Jimmy and Dan Waite as The Ghost with a supporting cast of Stephen Hutson, Kevin Moreno, Chad Brown and Sabrina Saunders.

Ten young adults with IDD from Brooklyn and Manhattan signed up to make a short film through Sprout’s Make-A-Movie Program. The 10 young adults, new to acting, were joined by a small film crew at a secluded resort with the goal to make a movie in 5 days. “I’m a Ghost” is the result of that effort.