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Directed by Ramon Giger
77 min / documentary / 2010 / Switzerland / German with English Subtitles

We follow Roman and Xaver through their daily routine on a farm. The drama between them revolves around the educational use of a chainsaw.

Best Interest

Directed by Stephen Clarke
9 min / narrative / 2010 / UK

Paul makes the big mistake of letting his brother know he fancies Sam…who tells his dad, who tells his support worker, who tells his teacher…


Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
1.5 min / narrative / 2011 / USA

A poem written by Anonymous and recited/performed by Nadirah McFadden, two young women with developmental disabilities.

Board and Care

Directed by Ron Ellis
27 min / NARRATIVE / 1980 / USA

Starring two young people with Down syndrome, this sensitive drama focuses on their desire to have a relationship. Board and Care won the Academy Award in 1980 for Best Live Action Short Subject.

This film highlights the difficulty of the main character’s desires and how they are thwarted by circumstances and the well-meaning plans of their adult guardians.

By Any Other Name

Directed by Dave Midell
15 min / narrative / 2010 / USA

One day the monotony of Jared’s life is up-ended when he meets his pretty new co-worker Marissa. Before they know it, they develop a close friendship, one unlike either of them, ever experienced before.


Directed by Christopher Louie
6 min / music video / 2006 / USA

The story of a man who copes with his disability by living through his dreams. The only problem is that even in his dreams he cannot escape the reality of his existence.

Heartbreak & Beauty


Heartbreak & Beauty is an award-winning short, experimental film depicting 12 different perspectives on universal, human emotions – all revolving around ‘love’ in its multifaceted glory.


Directed by Marie Lundberg
13 min / documentary / 2008 / Sweden

Maria is 17 and has Asperger’s Syndrome. She’s been bullied and tried to commit suicide several times. But of the role of victim, Ziggy is born.


Directed by Sam Rubin
3 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2002 / USA

An angsty teen locks himself in his bathroom with a tube of lipstick as he avoids his overbearing mother.

Permission to Grow

Directed by John Chester
25 min / documentary / 2005 / Australia

The Random 1 team meets Kevin, a shy, young man with special needs. He has a simple request: help him find his first date. While not in the match-making business, when Christina steps out of her car, they realize they have the opportunity to help Kevin experience what we all want…to feel accepted.