The only distributor of films exclusively featuring people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Married Life

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
1 min / narrative / 2011 / USA

Written by Enrichment Center poet, Tawanda Renee Shore. Performed by Samantha Moore.

This is one in series of 13 short videos featuring poetry written by poets with developmental disabilities. Each poem is recited and performed by young adults with developmental disabilities.

Mr. Blue Sky

Directed by Sarah Gurfield
86 min / narrative / 2007 / USA

A narrative about an unconventional love triangle between three childhood buddies; two girls, one born with Down syndrome, and one boy.

Okay, Let’s Talk About Me

Directed by Sophie Hyde
26 min / documentary / 2004 / Australia

Meet Eddie. He’s a seventeen-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome. He’s stubborn and charming, funny and sometimes temperamental.  Through the course of the documentary the viewer is invited to get to know Eddie- a rare treat- and journey with him as he turns eighteen and prepares to leave school.

Our House

Directed by Sevan Matossian
83 min / documentary / 2003 / USA

Laura, Tim W., and Tim S. were born with developmental disabilities and are now living outside an institution for the first time. This documentary verite explores the intimate and original view of human struggle told through the stories of these unique individuals.

Sheri and Paul

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
11 min / documentary / 2004 / USA

A couple shares their personal thoughts on love and marriage in this candid and touching portrait. Sheri Pearl and Paul Kiok sat in front of the camera one afternoon and spoke candidly about their relationship and the feelings they were experiencing 3 months before their wedding.

Someone Like Me


Two young adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder spend a day exploring Seattle together, and discuss the difficult realities of living with a preventable disability.

Strong Love

Directed by Bonnie Burt
56 min / documentary / 2007 / USA

The story of world-class weight lifter Jon Shapiro and his childhood sweetheart Holly James, both of whom were born with Down syndrome.

The Eighth Day

Directed by Jaco Van Dormael
108 min / narrative / 1996 / Belgium / French with English Subtitles

A chance encounter one night between Georges and overworked businessman Harry (Daniel Auteil) sets the scene for a carefully-crafted examination of love, loss and the rediscovery of life.

The Misunderstood Love

A beautifully shot silent film – a man witnesses the physical mutation of a young woman with Down syndrome.

The Other Child

Directed by Jon Kent
13 min / documentary / 2009 / USA

Brothers and sisters have a unique window into each other’s world. When one of the siblings in the family has autism, that window provides a penetrating view into this fascinating and often misunderstood developmental disability.