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The Teachings of Jon

Directed by Jennifer Owensby
57 min / documentary / 2006 / USA

An insightful and soul-touching film about Jon, a 40-year old man, severely and profoundly affected by Down syndrome and how a family allowed themselves to change, grow and succeed because of him.

The Ups of Downs

Directed by Ali Palmer-Smith
10 min / documentary / 2002 / UK

Despite being born with Down syndrome, Danny lives life to the fullest. This short film shows how independent and informed a young man with Danny’s condition can be. The film gives a glimpse into a life to be proud of.

Time For a Change

Directed by Danny Smith
5 min / documentary / 2012 / UK

This auto-biographical documentary follows a filmmaker as he bids farewell to the South London housing cooperative that he has lived in for eight years and returns to his native Oxford.

To My Future Child

4 1/2 MIN / DOCUMENTARY / 2014 / UK

Rachel writes a letter to her future children describing her experiences of caring for her big brother who is on the autism spectrum and has Down syndrome.

Trunk and Basement

Directed by Cam Lasley
2.5 min / music video / 2009 / USA

I see it on TV – hear it on the radio – what’s a little boy to do? Doctors and physical therapists weren’t sure what to tell Marcy and Tom Lasley when their second child came into the world 27 years ago. These days, “Laz D” does more than walk and talk. He struts and raps.

Two Evils – Poetic Short

Directed by Anthony Di Salvo
1 min / naarrative / 2011 / USA

Poetry by Paul Quinn (The Enrichment Center). Performed by Juan Garcia and Tony Welch. This is one in series of 13 short videos featuring poetry written by poets with developmental disabilities. Each poem is recited and performed by young adults with developmental disabilities.

Uh Uh Uh

DIRECTED BY Station 17
3:20 min / music video/ 2014 / Germany

A music video by Station 17- a collection of improvisational musicians gathered from a Hamburg community of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Up Syndrome

Directed by Duane Graves
24 min / documentary / 2000 / USA

A playful, refreshing and unsentimental portrait of Rene, made by his close friend Duane Graves. This film offers insight into Rene’s personality and opportunities for him to mug for the camera.

Ups & Downs

Directed by Stuart Fryer
9 min / narrative / 2013 / UK

After a teenage house party goes too far, a bullied boy with Down’s syndrome is forced to take the reins and look after the bully: his brother.

Ups Not Downs

Directed by Matt Whittingham
10 min / documentary / 2007 / UK

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with someone with a disability? Ups not Downs shows how one family in the UK deals with day-to-day life with a child with Down syndrome. Maybe this documentary will challenge your outlook on life.