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Directed by Ramon Giger
77 min / documentary / 2010 / Switzerland / German with English Subtitles

We follow Roman and Xaver through their daily routine on a farm. The drama between them revolves around the educational use of a chainsaw.

Against the Fence – The Riley Campbell Story

Directed by Kurt Richter
19 min / documentary / 2011 / USA

Riley was brutally beaten in a bias crime because of his developmental disability. This is a story about his recovery and his own participation in bringing justice to his life.



People from all over New Zealand with I/DD share their difficulties and hopes. It might make you think what people’s lives could be like if we focused more on their abilities, rather than their disabilities.

Best Interest

Directed by Stephen Clarke
9 min / narrative / 2010 / UK

Paul makes the big mistake of letting his brother know he fancies Sam…who tells his dad, who tells his support worker, who tells his teacher…

Beyond Borders

Directed by Brecht Vanmeirhaeghe
20 min / documentary / 2009 / Belgium / Several Languages with English Subtitles

Beyond Borders is a strong poet mosaic narration representing three people of different ethnic origin having a physical or mental disability. Director Brecht Vanmeirhaeghe captures their gripping life story in an exposing and sensitive way.


Directed by Slawomir Grunberg
78 min / documentary / 2005 / USA

Did Eunice Baker, a woman with mild intellectual disability really commit the murder of the child she was babysitting? By delving into her troubled backgrounds, this film explores the complexities leading up to that tragic night.

Bread Makers

Directed by Yasmin Fredda
11 min / documentary / 2007 / Scotland

Yasmin Fedda’s award winning documentary Breadmakers focuses on Edinburgh’s Garvald Bakery, a social enterprise staffed by 12 people with learning disabilities.

By Any Other Name

Directed by Dave Midell
15 min / narrative / 2010 / USA

One day the monotony of Jared’s life is up-ended when he meets his pretty new co-worker Marissa. Before they know it, they develop a close friendship, one unlike either of them, ever experienced before.

Cared Witless

Directed by Karen Sheader
10 min / narrative / 2007 / UK

This award-winning film tells the story of Glen, a young man with Down syndrome, played by David Miller, on a shopping trip with a personal assistant from hell.

Carl Bentson: Mr. Positive

Directed by Mike Hazard
28 min / documentary / 2007 / USA

Carl Bentson has a great bike and a great attitude about life. With a congenital condition which is never named, we see how Carl supports the community and the community supports Carl.