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The Horse Boy

Directed by Michel Orion Scott
93 min / documentary / 2009 / USA

The Horse Boy is a touching tale of family resilience in the face of a young boy’s autism. An up close and deeply personal look at a devoted couple’s heart-wrenching decision to travel to the ends of the earth to heal their son.

The Hummingchild

Directed by Heidi Sundby
28 min / documentary / 2011 / Norway / Norwegian with English Subtitles

After epileptic seizures as a baby, Agnes was suspected of having autism. Her mother, a filmmaker, focuses on the inner family sphere.

The Other Child

Directed by Jon Kent
13 min / documentary / 2009 / USA

Brothers and sisters have a unique window into each other’s world. When one of the siblings in the family has autism, that window provides a penetrating view into this fascinating and often misunderstood developmental disability.

The Tales of the Golden Sand


When Eyes invade the sweet town of Merryville, a crew of volunteers leave to find the mythical golden sand that will close the Eyes forever. These intruders soon make the city unlivable despite the efforts of an army of specialists trying to contain them under heavy cast iron plates. *This film features an entire cast of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

To My Future Child

4 1/2 MIN / DOCUMENTARY / 2014 / UK

Rachel writes a letter to her future children describing her experiences of caring for her big brother who is on the autism spectrum and has Down syndrome.

Ups Not Downs

Directed by Matt Whittingham
10 min / documentary / 2007 / UK

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live with someone with a disability? Ups not Downs shows how one family in the UK deals with day-to-day life with a child with Down syndrome. Maybe this documentary will challenge your outlook on life.