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Directed by Ramon Giger
77 min / documentary / 2010 / Switzerland / German with English Subtitles

We follow Roman and Xaver through their daily routine on a farm. The drama between them revolves around the educational use of a chainsaw.


Directed by Peter Scheer
15 min / documentary / 1970 / USA

This award-winning documentary focuses on Georgia, a four-year-old with Austism in her special education class. Observed are her struggles and triumphs in her classroom world as well as progress within a six-month period.

Autism Is A World

Directed by Gerardine Wurzburg
40 min / documentary / 2004 / USA

A documentary on an autistic woman’s inner world, her writing, and the friends she makes while in college.

Cared Witless

Directed by Karen Sheader
10 min / narrative / 2007 / UK

This award-winning film tells the story of Glen, a young man with Down syndrome, played by David Miller, as he goes on a shopping trip with a personal assistant from hell.

Down In Number 5

Directed by Kim Spurlock
18 min / narrative / 2009 / USA

Retired coal miner Carl Short, 65, lives with his 40-year-old son Sammy, who has Down syndrome. Carl suffers from black lung. When money from a class action lawsuit fails to materialize, Carl realizes his options are running out.

Fair Play

Directed by David Herman
56 min / documentary / 2008 / UK

Actors with learning disabilities rehearse an acclaimed play by Claire Luckham, “The Choice”, a play about abortion and Luckham’s relationship with her older brother Ben, who has Down syndrome.


7 MIN / NARRATIVE / 2017 / UK

Ten minutes before a boxing match, a teenage boxer with Down syndrome fights for his right to get in the ring.
The story unfolds backstage in the immediate moments leading up to the fight. Fighter finds himself torn between his over-bearing trainer, a sister who hates seeing him get hurt and a boxing committee unsure whether to sanction him to fight at all.
Both an exploration of amateur boxing and freedom of choice, Fighter is a tense, visceral human drama about one person’s fight to follow his dreams.

Forgotten People

Directed by Witness
9.5 min / documentary / 2000 / USA

This film documents the inhumane conditions faced by individuals with mental disabilities situated in grossly understaffed, inadequate and neglectful psychiatric facilities around the world.


Directed by Jared Corey
10 min / documentary / 2012 / USA

A portrait of a young athlete whose sheer determination has helped him overcome many of the obstacles of living with cerebral palsy.


Directed by Jerry Smith
45 min / documentary / 2007 / USA

A look into the dedication of direct support professionals during and after Hurricane Katrina. For months, working long hours for low pay, they put others before themselves, providing care and support with improvised resources.